Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feelings of Gratitude

            Being named the recipient of the ATHENA Leadership award came at a perfect time for me and lifted me up in an amazing way. This acknowledgment touched me more than anyone will ever know and reminded me just how many exceptional women leaders we have in our community. I also realized that within that group of talented professional and generous women leaders, that I was considered to be one of them, what an honor!
My sister Janie, myself and my husband Timothy
            It also became very clear to me that our community is cutting edge in leadership. Our own League City Chamber’s action to bring this program to our community represents a value to leadership and has further enhanced, a value to women leadership, a concept that is growing throughout our nation.
             As the President and CEO of ATHENA International, Diana Dinkel began to share the meaning behind the award and the symbolism of the sculpture that would be awarded to an individual leader; I remained honored to even be nominated. Her poignant explanation of the beautiful sculpture, symbolizing the multifaceted qualities of great leadership, reminded me of my belief that leadership is about creating significance and impact in others lives.
            As the biographies of each of the other six nominees was shared, I found myself humbled by their abundant accomplishments and truly honored to be connected with each and every one of them. I remain in awe of their efforts and the gifts in which they have given to improve our community and the unselfish nature of their inspired leadership. I am also genuinely thrilled to be associated with them and with last year’s first annual recipient, Dee Scott.
            For me, almost all of my accomplishments have been realized because I have remained faithful and blessed with the sense to surround myself with talented individuals and life long learners.  By hiring talented and positive people, I have been able to build exceptional teams. My teams ignite a passion in me to strive to inspire them to work together toward significant and meaningful goals. Among them, have been many women that I have had the privilege to mentor.
            Never did I expect to be awarded a distinction such as this one. Mentoring others is a reward in itself. In the spirit of this recognition, I look forward to continue to partner with inspired women leaders to continue the development and appreciation of more exceptional women leaders. Sharing this experience with family, friends and colleagues at the luncheon made it all the more special. I remain humbled, moved and enthusiastic for the future of positive leadership.

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