Friday, May 30, 2014

Is your loved one just aging or is dementia or Alzheimer’s a real concern?

"We just thought mom was being forgetful, until she forgot to turn off the gas to the stove and almost burned her house down – then didn’t remember it. We finally got her an accurate diagnosis of Dementia. There were many warning signs of this disease and we should have asked for help a lot sooner!”
- Sharon V.

How do you know if a loved on is just “getting old” or if it is something more serious? When does forgetting become dangerous and what other warning signs should you be on the look out?  The Alzheimer’s Association has a list of “10 Warning Signs” that I have posted before that I felt needed to be posted again.
Families can use this as a guide to see if they should make a trip to their local physician and get more help. Companies, like your local CareBuilders atHome provides transportation to doctor visits and for most veterans or survivors of veterans, this is paid for through their home care benefits.

Know the Signs – Ask for help while you still have options.

Memory loss disrupts daily life
Challenges in planning or solving problems
Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
Confusion with time or place
Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
New problems with words in speaking or writing
Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
Decreased or poor judgment
Withdrawal - from work, friends, family, or social activities
Changes in mood and personality

Don’t panic. These warning signs, take time to visit your doctor and talk about your symptoms.
Some dementia is reversible. Some dementia is caused by thyroid issues, that may cause some of these symptoms.  Seeing your doctor can help you determine the cause and give you peace of mind to plan ahead.

Many people think these “warning signs” are typical age related changes. 

If you forget where you’re parked. Probably ok.
If you forget what kind of car you own. More serious indeed.

If you forget the name of a friend you met once or twice, probably ok.
If you forget the name of a famous celebrity or the President of the United States. More serious Indeed.

If you forget where you left your shoes, probably ok.
If you forget how to put on your shoes. More serious indeed.

To do: See your doctor. Take your loved one to their doctor. Plan ahead and take precaution and learn about the measures to reduce or slow down this dreadful disease.

Call a reputable licensed company, like CareBuilders at Home to assist you with your needs so that independence at home is maintained throughout life!

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Bonnie Benkula, MBA, BSHCA


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