Thursday, January 14, 2016

CULead Class of 2015-16

Yesterday I witnessed the pinnacle of growth of my most recent Leadership Class at AMOCO! In their final presentations, they delivered big time and made me, their coach very proud. Watching this group stand and deliver their projects to their Executive Team made my heart grow with love for coaching and training.. and love for them and the entire AMOCO team.  They get it. It's about their people.
 This years group of individuals took the challenge to "jump" into the unknown with me over six months ago, to chance that they might expand their skills and open their mind to growth possibilities. The possibility that they too, are leaders and influencers in their world, the possibility that there are untapped skills lying in dormant areas of their being, just waiting to emerge. Emerge they did, with power, confidence and enthusiasm.  While they may have thought that I opened their minds and pushed them out of their comfort zones, this group awakened a fire in me that I don't want to control. 
They soared with me through John Maxwell's Book, The 15 Laws of Invaluable growth and learned from the start on Law #1 - Growth doesn't just happen. It must be intentional. This team took that seriously and it showed.

Yesterday I saw excellence and perseverance in individuals who overcame fears, doubts, and insecurities.  I saw great that existed inside, shine itself outside - for all the world to see!
Today, while their work on the skills and training was the essence of the growth, I am compelled to think that my coaching - my undoubting belief in them, may have played a role in their success. That learning the laws of growth was no doubt, a beginning step to lifelong learning and greatness.
Today, I am more determined to communicate the benefits of coaching both in groups and in individuals - coaching short-term or long-term,  coaching to get individuals out of their comfort zones and to be all that they can truly be!!  I'm ready to jump and live the life God intended for me to live! Bring on 2016 and congratulations to the 2016 CULead Leadership group. It's been a blast!!

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