Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The HurryCane

I always like to share information that I believe will help someone. As we all grow older, our “accessories” are changing. We may need to invest in items that we will help us remain independent and mobile without breaking the bank.
I’m not one to run and buy something off the TV but this invention intrigued me because we take care of so many people that need a little help from time to time. I’m encouraging everyone I know to hurry over to buy the HurryCane the All-Terrain Cane. Guess what I found, this cane is available on Amazon!
Don’t expect it to be a miracle cure for everything you walk on, but it stands on it’s own on flat surfaces and has a quad rotating arm so that we can maneuver over other terrain.  It’s really cool!
Like my favorite umbrella, it folds down and will fit in a bag so one doesn’t have to worry about tripping someone at the restaurant or finding space under that table – or worse yet, remembering to take it!
I always teach my clients to be frugal with their investments and purchases. I encourage them to assure that they are getting quality care for their family. There are just some things you don’t pinch pennies on, like making sure your caregivers have been background checked, drug tested and are honest caring individuals that won’t take advantage of a situation or a loved one.
By all means, make sure the individuals are legal to work in the United States, you really don’t want to have to deal with legal issues either. Use a reputable company that will do all the background work for you, like CareBuilders at Home, or another one in your community.
And whatever you do, get your loved one the tools they need to live an independent life! I just like this cane and think this HurryCane is a great investment for only $39.  I thought it would be a lot more the way they avoid the price on T.V. I always remember hearing, the #1 reason an individual loses their independence and sometimes even their home, is falling. Encourage independence and quality of life for those you love – this is a great gift anytime, or heck buy one for yourself if you need it and strut in style! Stay happy, stay independent, stay home! HurryCane the All-Terrain Cane

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