Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Changing Surprises! Gotta love ‘em

Life Changing Surprises! Gotta love ‘em.
I feel like a proud mama bird tonight, as a group in my leadership program is getting ready to spread their wings in flight, by presenting a unique and profitable proposal to their executive leadership team. Proposals that have the potential to earn or save their company hundreds of thousands of dollars! Wow, what a return on investment.

 This group has been one of the most rewarding and significant groups in which I have ever had the privilege to work. No doubt their supportive leadership team and visionary leader have a lot to do with the success of their development also.  But true development and change takes commitment from the individual and I have been honored to work with many that were ready to improve. Their spirit was an inspiration to me every month. Thank you CULead2 Team, I am proud of you!

If you are a leader in your work, community, church or family, etc., I encourage you to embrace your role. Many unexpected rewards will be realized from your acceptance of your influence.  Here are a few from this story of my life:
  • You may learn new things: I learned about a new industry and a lot about potential
  • You may laugh more and you may cry: Development can be joyful, funny or emotional, I laughed, cried and laughed some more
  • You could make new friends: When you share successes, failures and stories that mean something to you and others, you can’t help but become friends. I made some great friends that will be life long, no doubt.
  • You could build your own confidence: Watching this group develop and become better speakers, stronger communicators and confident business professionals, built my confidence in my own abilities.

If you chose to train, share knowledge or mentor others, don’t forget to enjoy the process. This company chose to develop competent, professional and creative thinkers that will change the way they do business for the better! This company is a leader in their industry and an example to all industries.

If you find yourself leading, don’t be surprised, you might change someone’s life and you might even change yours.

Bye for now, be encouraging, forgiving and giving!

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