Friday, March 8, 2013

Women in Leadership – Don’t Judge, Nudge or Begrudge

“Want to rule the world? Just show up.” Anonymous

How many of us ended up “in charge” because we were one of the few that showed up. Then in the crowd, we were the only one that stepped up?

How many of us stepped up, time and time again, when no one else would, led with excellence, then got begrudged.

On the other hand, how many of us, stayed in the easy zone, and nudged someone else ahead.

Yet, while we watched the one willing to step up, we made their life difficult. Or worse judged them. Even down to their shoes!

Research proves women can be so hard on other women. Now we know, even men are harder on women.

One researcher had women read the same passage as men to a crowd and recorded the reactions. She found that the men readers were met with nods of agreement and smiles. When the women read the same words, they were met with raised eyebrows and frowns. Worse of all, the listeners did not even realize they were reacting in this manner.


Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t it time we give each other a chance? Isn’t it time we acknowledge women can be great leaders?

Leaders, if you want things to happen, STEP UP ANYWAY!  Especially step up if you are a woman. 

You will eventually get the attention of a confident and competent leader that is not intimidated by you, jealous of you and will not undermine you if you get…..too good.

A great leader of leaders will share vast knowledge, appreciate your enthusiasm and will lift your confidence to new heights.

I believe leadership can be learned. I believe leaders are born. I believe leadership is a gift.

No matter, how you got it, if you have it, GIVE IT - ALWAYS.

Forget about those that judge, nudge or begrudge.

Let them have it, leaders give. That’s what we do.
Three things to avoid on your journey - do this today:

1. Don't judge - Give others a chance. Believe in them,  believe in you, believe.

2. Don't nudge - Stand up and give to your passion. Become a leader and lead with all your heart.

3. Don't begrudge - Allow yourself to give your support freely. Do not envy, be generous.


  1. Very insightful.

  2. I agree women are hard on each other. We could rule the world if we could start a good ol' girls club. Who cares about a man cave - we could have women's world!